Information for new owners

Recommended shopping list

Cat food

Cat litter boxes (2 for a cat)

Bowl for water

Bowl for food

Waterproof mat for food

Cat house (cat tree).

Large vertical scratcher for claws (2 for a cat)

Sticks with toys for cats


We recommend you to adapt the kitten to a new home step by step . On the first day keep the kitten in a locked room, especially if the house has other animals. Let the cat get used to the small territory new to it, and then gradually to other animals. The experienced owners say that the cats get accustomed to a new home, on average in the time period of up to 5 days.


Quarantine is necessary when the kitten moves into the cattery. Of course, if you buy an animal from a professional breeder, your kitten is healthy. However, do not forget that a kitten is a living creature, and, like any of us, can suddenly fall ill. Quarantine is a necessary precaution to introduce the animals to each other safely and to make sure that the newcomers are in good health.

Vaccination and prevention

1. The first vaccination is done in 8-9 weeks.

A second vaccination (booster dose) at 12-13 weeks.

2. Vaccination against rabies - is usually done during the second vaccination.

3. Blood tests FIV / FELV

4. Means against parasites - every month

Vaccination should be repeated every year. Remember that vaccination against rabies in Russia is compulsory!

After vaccination against rabies the 30 day quarantine is prescribed - the entry and exit of the animals into Russia during this period is prohibited.

Food and supplements

Not all cat food is good for cats' digestive system. It is best to feed your pet with raw cat food prepared at home. These include: raw meat, edible bones and organs. Such a diet will provide your pet with all the necessary minerals and proteins.

Residents of AkilahCat eat raw and cooked chicken, sometimes beef (but they do not like it). There is always offal, wings and neck in their diet. In addition to meat, they are always provided the highest quality dry food.

Their most favorite food is one day old chickens, which they receive every other day.


If possible, order an electric pet training mat to prevent your cats from approaching certain surfaces (for example, the dining table).

And let your pets give you only the tenderness and joy!