How to feed Savannah

How to feed Savannah properly

Savannah's diet should include high-quality food rich in protein, tuarine and a small amount of grains. Nevertheless, every cat is unique and may need a different diet.

Meat Diet is really very healthy for cats and would be the best for hybrid breeds. Other diets are also acceptable.

Necessary ingredients for the diet are as follows:

  • * chicken, turkey, beef, rabbit,
  • * tuarine, vitamins, minerals,
  • * probiotics (recommended by some breeders, though we haven't checked that yet),
  • * water.

Raw meat diet

Serval and other wild cats eat meat in the wild. Domestic cats also enjoy catching mice and small birds. Then they eat them up. Raw meat is the best food for Savannah cats indeed. But do not forget to give your cats vitamins even if you feed them with raw meat regularly. Wild animals eat the whole body of their prey, this is how they get all the essential amino acids and vitamins. Domestic animals get meat from the store where it was prepared for the people and as a result this kind of meat does not contain all the necessary ingredients.

Never ever give your cats pork. It is very important to follow this rule.

Do not feed your cat with fish or fat meat. Out of fish you can give only tuna or salmon.

The perfect food for cats is one day-old chickens. You can buy frozen chickens in the shop.

We feed our cats with poultry, beef and premium quality dry food. Every other day we give them one day-old chickens.

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