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Savannah Cats are energetic and extremely intelligent. They behavior resembles the behavior of the dogs.

Savannah cats are very popular worldwide because of their exotic spotted coat pattern, intelligence and friendly nature. Another attractive factor of this breed is their outstanding size. They are the tallest among all kinds of domestic cats.

The size of Savannah cat is comparable with the size of the wild cats. They are so tall thanks to their ancestor Serval Cat

The first generation Savannah F1 inherits such sizes. Even though Savannahs F2 and F3 are smaller than F1, they are still very large, especially males. The generations F4 - F5 posses stunning exotic look, although their size is not much bigger than that of many purebred domestic cats.

Savannah cats are able to use the cat toilet. They eat quality cat food (wet and dry). They can attend the vet without difficulties.

One big advantage of cattery Akilah Cat is that we give special attention to perfect matching of pairs of cats, which results in excellent quality of kittens.

Currently we offer the kittens of gold and silver colour, generations F3, F4 and F5.

If you are interested in cats of generation F2, you can contact our partner in Europe to buy very high quality Savannah cats of generation F2.

What are Savannah cats like?

Savannah Cat is a domestic breed of cats. This breed appeared as a result of crossing domestic cats with the African serval. Most Savannah cats inherited less than 15% of serval's blood. The breeders wanted to get a cat with exotic appearance and good manners. The main difference between Savannah cats and exotic cats such as Ocelot, Bobcat and Serval is that Savannah cats have good behavior of a well bred cat.

Characteristics of Savannah cats

Savannah cats are different from other breeds not only in appearance but in behavior as well. Savannahs have exceptionally tall and long body. They are very intelligent, have curious mind and they are hyper-communicative. Their owners say that they have much stronger connection with their Savannah pets than with pets of other breeds.

One more interesting fact about Savannah breed is that these animals behave very similar to dogs. Some people can not afford to have a dog because dogs need more care and territory than cats. Having a Savannah cat would be a solution of this problem.

Savannahs can be trained to walk on a leash and fetch objects. Their intellectual skills are so high that the owners should make sure that their pets are given enough exercises for mental development.

Which generation is better?

If you bring up your pet in the proper way any generation will become a wonderful pet! This rule concerns any other breed as well. Some breeders tend to claim that some generations are better than the others. It is not exactly true. This is more their marketing strategy than reality. In fact different generations will suit different owners.

Let's draw analogy with car brands (just to simplify):

F1 Savannah is like a Bugatti = very expensive, extremely beautiful, highly prestigious and requires special attention and care. Yes, of course, F1 is an absolutely unique animal.

F5 Savannah and the rest of SBT -are like BMW X6 = quality animal, admired and respected, beautiful, graceful and expensive.

Sizes of Savannah Cats

It is really difficult to predict the size of the animal. No breeder can guarantee exact size. Nowadays most of the sites offer exaggerated data, which is unreliable unfortunately. On the one hand this is true that Savannah cats are tall with long stocky bodies. On the other hand they are still cats.

Picture of Savannah F2b male, 4 mo and Savannah F3b female, 6 mo.

What generations give birth to the largest Savannah cats?

Typically, males of F1 and F2 generations will inherit a large size. In fact, only the generations of F1 and F2 have the size twice bigger than the size of an ordinary domestic cat. Their weight is usually 8 - 10 kg. Some people claim that the F1 and F2 generations can reach weight of more than 14 kg. In real life, this happens extremely rarely because Savannah cat is tall but lean and sinewy. Generations F3 and below will be smaller in size and are all more like domestic cats. The less blood of Serval the cat inherits the less its size becomes.


Commonly Savannah cats get on well with children, they are usually interested in the adventures that the children can bring to them. What is of first importance here is how well the child will treat the animal. There were some cases when the buyers came with small children, who could be dangerous for the kittens. If the child doesn't know how to treat the animals he/she would squeeze, strangle or kick the kitten. There is no way that our kittens will go into such a family. Please teach your children rules how to treat animals in the right way. In case the children are nice and kind to Savannah cat, the cats would be so excited to play that they would even bring the toys in their mouth and ask to play with them.

As a rule Savannahs have good relationships with dogs, they like smart and playful dogs most.

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