What is generation and how to read the letters in the pedigree?

When Savannah is crossed with Serval, as a result we get kittens F1A. ( in past the same was used for crossing Serval with other breeds)


"F" means "Foundation".

"1" means the first offspring of a Serval.

"A" means that one of the parents is not a Savannah.

You can also see: "B","C","SBT".

"B" means that somebody of grandparents is not a Savannah.

"C" means that somebody of great grandparents is not a Savannah.

"SBT" means that 4 generations are purebred Savannah.

If you see F3C, that means that the kitten's great grandparent is a Serval. F3B means that somebody of the kitten's grandparents is not a Savannah.

Picture of F5sbt (1 year 6 mo)

F5sbt Daario of ShaniSavannahs

"Outcross" means crossing with the other breed (it is allowed during the process of formation of the breed)

F 1 A x Outcross = F2 A Kitten

F 1 A x F5/F6 B/C = F2 B Kitten
F 2 A x Outcross = F3 A Kitten
F 2 A x F5/F6 B/C = F3 B Kitten
F 2 B x F5/F6 B/C = F3 C Kitten
F2 B x F5 SBT = F 3 C Kitten
F 3 A/B x Outcross = F4 A Kitten
F 3 A x F5 /F6 B/C = F4 B Kitten
F3 B x F 5/F6 B/C = F 4 C Kitten
F 3 C x F 5/F6 C/SBT = F4 SBT Kitten
F4 A/B x Outcross = F 5 A Kitten
F 4 A x F5/F6 B/C = F5 B Kitten
F 4 B x F5/F6 B/C = F 5 C Kitten
F 4 C x F5/F6C = F 5 SBT Kitten
F4 SBT x F5 SBT = F5 SBT Kitten
F 5 B x Outcross = F6 A Kitten
F 5 B x F 5/F6 C = F6 C Kitten
F5 C x F5/F6 C = F6 SBT Kitten
F 5 C x F5/F6 SBT = F6 SBT Kitten

Pic of F3B (female, 6 mo)

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